What is a 95% Mortgage and How Can it Help You?

For some, buying a house can seem like a dream that has very little chance of becoming a reality. The need to make sure that you’re paying your rent and covering all of your other bills so as to protect your credit score can easily get in the way of achieving the dream of home ownership. One of the biggest Read More

5 Ways to Improve your Credit Score

If you’ve had some money troubles in the past, you might think that a mortgage is an unachievable aspiration. Fortunately, that’s not always the case and there are still ways that you could obtain a mortgage and buy your own home. A history of bad credit can feel like it’s going to hang around your neck forever. But fear not, Read More

How to Buy a House in your 20s

We’re going to talk about how you are still able to invest in property in the UK, in your 20s. We’ll be making a few assumptions – that you’re a young person in their early 20s, you’ve got a full-time job, you’ve just started your career, and you’re living at home or you’ve got the opportunity live at home home. Read More

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