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Searching for the best mortgage to guarantee your payments and give you peace of mind against possible rate increase? Do you want to establish a set budget each month or do you want to check that you are not paying too much when there are so many competitive mortgage deals around? Would you like to make overpayments, reduce the balance and shorten the term?

Are you looking for home insurance in order to protect your biggest asset or provide you with funds to replace your belongings in the event of a fire, theft or accidental damage such as a water leak?

First Class Mortgage Advice can help you find the right solution without you having to trawl the internet and perhaps end up with an inferior solution and what’s more we do not charge you for this service, it is all part of what we offer to our clients and we have a reputation of offering excellence!

Why do the work when you can have an expert explain your mortgage and insurance options and then complete all the paper work and arrange it for you?

Whether you consider yourself a first time homebuyer, a home mover or looking to remortgage, it can never hurt to receive the most accurate information and sound advice from our financial advisors. With no fees what have you got to lose?

First time buyers

We have access to thousands of mortgage deals from the whole of the market along with exclusive products not available on the high street giving you the full benefit of our independent mortgage status plus our expertise in helping you by finding the best mortgage deal for your circumstances and requirements.

We can help secure loans in even the most unlikely situations, such as for someone with bad credit. Unlike many others we will offer you a personal service where you will be helped by the same person start to finish who will help you plan and factor in your goals when discussing your mortgage options – and not just basic income and expenses.

You’ve worked hard to own a home. We want to ensure that you will be able to continue owning and enjoying it for as long as possible.

Call us today at 031-622-6622 or visit us in our Edinburgh location in order to schedule a consultation.

We make sure all our practices are by the book, and work in conjunction with both the The Law Society of Scotland and The Law Society of England.

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