Remortgaging advice and brokerage in Edinburgh

Want to know more about remortgages?

There are many reasons for remortgaging your property. It could be you would like to remortgage for lower rates, betters deals, or guaranteed mortgage payments. Whatever your reason for remortgaging, we can help you along the way.

We can save you money and cut your costs with our remortgage packages. We offer deals with no upfront costs, free surveys, and free legal fees. We have access to every UK lender and can search through over 9,000 different mortgages to find you the most suitable deal. We’ll help ensure that you receive the best deal for your way of life, long and short term.

First Class Mortgage Advice understands that finances include more than just expenses and income; unlike many other establishments, we keep your goals in mind, too. Your bank may offer a couple of mortgage deals, but we’ll show you multiple options to select from. There is power in being able to choose exactly what option is best for your financial future. Why not give us a call today?

Big decisions need careful planning

Whether to remortgage your home is an important decision that we can help you with. First Class Mortgage Advice will ensure you get the best deal for both your current situation and with a view to the longer term. If you approach your bank they may offer you a mortgage, but the best way is to compare the thousands of mortgages available.

Making sure that you stick within the laws is very important, so we generally work in accordance with to make sure everything is legitimate. We also work with many banking and finance institutes such as the Bank of Scotland, Lloyds, and TSB.

As we are independent, we always act in your best interests and our advice is free, so why hesitate to improve your financial situation? Get in touch with one of our independent advisors; we’ll explain the differences and narrow them down to the best deal for you – THAT’S A PROMISE.

We promise to find you the best deal. Please give us a ring on: 0131 622 6622

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